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Adidas FortaRun X Shoes

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Adidas FortaRun X Shoes
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/158844523.jpg
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/152115404.jpg
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157883172.jpg
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157883173.jpg
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157883174.jpg
Adidas Adidas FortaRun X Shoes FortaRun X Shoes FortaRun X Shoes Let them stride comfortably from science class to the playground. These adidas shoes feature a simple design with a hook-and-loop strap that's quick to snug down. A soft midsole cushions their steps while the lightweight upper provides a secure feel. The heel pull reads "Ready, Steady, Girl!" to cheer them on. (1)
  • 04060511073746
  • EF9715-530
  • Caractéristiques générales
    • genre: Enfants, Unisexe
    • Pointure: 36
  • Détails techniques
    • Sport (fitness,course à pieds): Running
  • 40.95 49.94 EUR 1
    • Adidas.be/fr Adidas.be/fr
      Let them stride comfortably from science class to the playground. These adidas shoes feature a simple design with a hook-and-loop strap t...
      40.95, 2j (offer_sdt_2_days)
  • 0 0
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      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/68044353.jpg
      Reebok Classic Reebok Classic Baskets Baskets Baskets Matériau: Cuir; Pointe de la chaussure: Bonnet rond; Matériau: Cuir lisse; Type de fermeture: Fermeture à lacets; Motif: Couleurs unies; Design: Semelle crantée, Laçage 6 trous, Semelle de propreté rembourrée, Talon renforcé; Extras: Semelle souple, Etiquette patch / étiquette flag, Coutures ton sur ton, Tissu lisse; Zertifikate Nachhaltigkeit: Leather Working Group; Hauteur de talon: Talon plat (0-3 cm) (1)
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      • 00664712424341
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      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/156091902.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/156091898.jpg
      Adidas Adidas Baskets 'CONTINENTAL 80' Baskets 'CONTINENTAL 80' Baskets 'CONTINENTAL 80' Long live boom boxes and hip hop. '80s street style lives on with these throwback shoes for the next generation. The adidas Continental 80 offers a leather upper that's super-soft on tiny feet. Hook-and-loop closures allow you to slip them on and off in a jiffy. (1)
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      • 04062052848296
      • 04062052848227
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      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157878200.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157878203.jpg
      Adidas Adidas Tensaur Shoes Tensaur Shoes Tensaur Shoes They'll charge the classroom doors at recess in these kids' running shoes built for indoor and outdoor play. A non-marking rubber outsole gives them superior grip for playing on gym floors. The smooth coated-leather upper features no-sew 3-Stripes for an extra sporty look. (1)
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      • 04061622985539
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      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157953671.jpg
      Adidas Adidas Chaussure de sport Chaussure de sport Chaussure de sport Light and sporty. These infants' shoes have a comfortable build to keep little ones happy. The lightweight unitsole lets them step softly, and the breathable mesh upper keeps feet cool on sunny days. Hook-and-loop closure straps make it easy to get them dressed. (1)
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      • 04062052620632
      • ADI1315002000002
      • EG4142-230
    • info@comparer.fr