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Converse Baskets 'Allstar HI'

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Caractéristiques Converse Baskets 'Allstar HI'
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Converse Baskets 'Allstar HI'
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/106459128.jpg
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/104530339.jpg
  • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/151080774.jpg
Converse Converse Baskets 'Allstar HI' Baskets 'Allstar HI' Baskets 'Allstar HI' Pointe de la chaussure: Bonnet rond; Matériau: Textile; Type de fermeture: Fermeture à lacets; Motif: Couleurs unies; Hauteur de talon: Talon plat (0-3 cm) (1)
  • 00886952775711
  • 7J233C/2.0
  • Caractéristiques générales
    • genre: Garçons, Filles, Enfants, Femmes, Unisexe
    • Pointure: 18
    • Motif: Monochromatic
    • Type of Baby Shoe: Babysneakers
  • Design
    • Couleur du produit: Bleu, Blanc
    • Matière: Toile, Caoutchouc, Textile
    • Type de hauteur de chaussures: High cut
  • Détails techniques
    • Insole material: Textile
  • 44.90 44.90 EUR 1
      Pointe de la chaussure: Bonnet rond; Matériau: Textile; Type de fermeture: Fermeture à lacets; Motif: Couleurs unies; Hauteur de talon: T...44.90, 4j (offer_sdt_4_days)
  • 0 0
    • Adidas Tensaur Shoes
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157560921.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/143508383.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/152115531.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157878200.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157878203.jpg
      Adidas Adidas Tensaur Shoes Tensaur Shoes Tensaur Shoes They'll charge the classroom doors at recess in these kids' running shoes built for indoor and outdoor play. A non-marking rubber outsole gives them superior grip for playing on gym floors. The smooth coated-leather upper features no-sew 3-Stripes for an extra sporty look. (1)
      Adidas Tensaur Shoes
      • 04061622989681
      • EF1088-530
    • Adidas FortaRun x Frozen Shoes
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/150500163.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/152118276.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157891863.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157891867.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157891865.jpg
      Adidas Adidas FortaRun x Frozen Shoes FortaRun x Frozen Shoes FortaRun x Frozen Shoes Get them ready for a new journey. These kids' adidas shoes feature graphics from Disney's "Frozen" for a movie-ready look. The flexible upper and soft cushioning provide lightweight comfort as they take on new adventures. (1)
      Adidas FortaRun x Frozen Shoes
      • 04062053860365
      • EF9743-490
    • Adidas Chaussure de sport
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/158844523.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/152115404.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157883172.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157883173.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157883174.jpg
      Adidas Adidas Chaussure de sport Chaussure de sport Chaussure de sport Let them stride comfortably from science class to the playground. These adidas shoes feature a simple design with a hook-and-loop strap that's quick to snug down. A soft midsole cushions their steps while the lightweight upper provides a secure feel. The heel pull reads "Ready, Steady, Girl!" to cheer them on. (1)
      Adidas Chaussure de sport
      • 04060511070011
      • EF9715/11.5k
    • Adidas Chaussure de sport 'Duramo 9 K'
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/137717107.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/136448553.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/164843256.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157865442.jpg
      • https://pc.comparer.be/500x500/157865443.jpg
      Adidas Adidas Chaussure de sport 'Duramo 9 K' Chaussure de sport 'Duramo 9 K' Chaussure de sport 'Duramo 9 K' These kids' shoes are a comfy must for active days on the playground. A two-layer mesh upper with a seamless print overlay offers lightweight breathability and extra support for small feet. A responsive Cloudfoam midsole adds pillow-soft cushioning, while the durable outsole holds up to regular use.Superior cushioningCloudfoam midsole for step-in comfort and superior cushioningOutstanding durabilityAdiwear outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability (1)
      Adidas Chaussure de sport 'Duramo 9 K'
      • 04059811803412
      • ADI0751001000006
      • BB7061-470
    • info@comparer.fr